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Learn how to stay out of a trucker’s blind spots

In this driver training video, Utah DOT  highlights the importance of recognizing where the blind spots are around large trucks and buses and how to avoid driving in them.

Due to their size and height, semi trucks and buses have several large blind spots where a car or small truck will virtually “disappear” from a truck driver’s view. Learning the location and scope of each blind spot or “no zone” can help you avoid them.

Some tips from WikiHow to stay out of a truck’s blind spots are detailed as follows:

  • Know the four areas drivers should avoid: the front, rear and both sides of the tractor to the front of the trailer. Traveling in these areas will greatly increase the potential for you getting into a crash.

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  • Avoid tailgating, bu straying too close behind a truck you will be in the truck’s rear blind spot, so you are at risk of rear-ending into the truck.  The best distance is about 20 to 25 car lengths behind a truck.

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  • When driving around a truck, if you can see the truck driver’s face in their side mirror, then the driver can see you. Therefore, keep both left and right truck mirrors in your sights as much as possible when traveling behind a truck.

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  • Cutting in front of a truck as you would a car may be the last mistake you ever make. The front No-Zone area extends nearly 20 feet ahead of the truck. It’s even safer if a driver is farther away from the front.

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  • Do not pass or overtake a truck on the right hand side; this is because a truck’s blind spot on the right runs down the length of the trailer and extends out three lanes

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Keep yourself and your loved ones safe, stay out of a truck’s blind spots.

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