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Reviewing the transcripts which Bill Cosby didn’t want you to see, well, you can tell that even then, he and his lawyers were trying to walk back what is being characterized today in some outlets as an “admission” to obtaining prescriptions for Quaaludes to give to women so he could have sex with them.

So, Twitter was atwitter; Facebook was booked; Buzzfeed was abuzz ; all the media (social and traditional) was talking about this “revelation.” (How did it stay secret this long and does anyone care anymore?)

As I read through the transcripts, though, I noticed something not reported. What I view as a certain immaturity, lack of professionalism and just plain childishness which is all too common in our profession.  It seemed like the lawyers, at times, needed to be sedated.  Maybe this didn’t get any play in the press because people just expect all lawyers to act that way.  I’m not criticizing the attorneys involved in this case.  I’ve been involved in a heated dep a time or two in my day.  I also read their briefs and thought they were of fine quality – representing the best of our profession.  They vigorously represented their clients, as is their professional obligation.  But can’t that be done without telling one’s adversary: “Do not ever talk to me like that again”? Or daring one’s adversary to leave?  I thought this was serious business and should be treated as such, in a professional manner – not like a playground game of “Chicken.”  We can leave that to the people who decide to set off fireworks from atop their heads, eh?

–  Karim

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–  Karim



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