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It looks like the snow might finally be over but that doesn’t mean driving will be easy.  In the next week, fog is predicted in Central New Jersey.

Fog is the Most Dangerous Driving Condition

Statistically speaking, fog is the most dangerous driving condition faced by residents of Perth Amboy. Fog is dangerous to all drivers because visibility can be cut to almost zero.  This low visibility can result in rear end and head on collisions. Although fog is listed as a contributing factor in only 1% of cases, it results in 2% of all fatalities. These statistics show that fog- related accidents are more likely to result in serious or even fatal injuries.

How Does Fog Cause Accidents?

Fog does not cause accidents. Errors by drivers attempting to drive in fog cause accidents. The most common driver errors that cause accidents in fog are:

1. Drifting into oncoming traffic;
2. Drifting off the road and colliding with an immovable object;
3. Driving too fast; and
4. Following other drivers too closely.

A sense of awareness of your surroundings, though always appropriate when driving, is at a premium when driving in foggy conditions.

How to Drive Safely in Fog

Driving safely in fog boils down to an exercise in caution. In fact, if you are on the highway and encounter heavy fog the best advice is probably to pull over until the fog burns off because semi-trucks will not stop in fog and seldom seem to slow because the truck drivers have schedules to meet. In my opinion the fog, interstate, semi-trucks and passenger cars are a dangerous cocktail that has caused many a large pile up. If you are not willing or unable to postpone your trip, the following tips should be followed:

1. Substantially increase the safety gap  between your car and the next vehicle depending on visibility;
2. Slow down(!!);
3. Keep your lights on;
4. Do not use your bright lights;
5. Use the right hand edge line as your guide point, as opposed to the center;
6. Keep your defroster on;
7. Remember, fog can make road surfaces slick and if it’s cold enough, the moist layer will turn to ice, which can make driving conditions even more hazardous.  Brake slowly and early;
8. Keep your music turned off– it’ll help with your
concentration; and
9. Watch carefully for school children and bus stops.

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