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An ambulance was dispatched to the New Brunswick’s second-tallest building to treat two patients with “thermal burns” following the explosion of a hot water pipe on the sixth floor, New Brunswick Today reports.
Firefighters from the New Brunswick Fire Department (NBFD) were summoned to the “One Spring Street” tower at 1:54 a.m. on October 17, after the explosion set off the building’s fire alarms.
It is not clear if the two burn patients were hospitalized or treated on-site, and officials at Boraie Development and the City of New Brunswick have not yet responded to inquiries about the incident.
The building’s elevators have been rendered unusable ever since, meaning some residents now have to walk 20 or more flights of stairs.
Due to the outage, someone in a wheelchair was stranded on the sixth floor, according to emergency radio transmissions.
At 25 stories tall, One Spring Street was the city’s tallest building from 2006 until 2012.
Boraie Development’s website calls the building “’the first major residential project in New Brunswick’s history” and says that it has “revolutionized the New Brunswick real estate marketplace.”
Residents told New Brunswick Today that this far from the first pipe explosion in the luxury condominium building, which first opened just nine years ago.
Residents said there were “major issues” and that “it has become a hazard to live here.”
According to sources, at least a dozen of the building’s 121 units have been damaged in recent years, after water pipes exploded without warning. Often, the explosions cause damage to more than one unit, leaving individual condos with a foot of water or more.
Dorothea Berkout, a Rutgers administrator who serves as the President of the building’s five-member condo board, did not respond to inquiries about the explosion, and hung up when she was reached by New Brunswick Today.

I’m not well and I don’t want you to bother me,” Berkhout said, before hanging up the phone.

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