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Driving in dense fog can be dangerous. Here is how to drive in dense fog by Ford Extreme Weather Driving Tips:
  • Slow down, with visibility reduced it’s important to allow for increased reaction times and not rush.
  • Keep a larger distance between yourself and other motorists especially throat is wet you may be tempted to drive more closely to the car in front of you to keep it in sight but this can increase your risk of collision.
  • Turn on your low beam headlamps, high beams can cause light to reflect back off water droplets in the air further obscuring your view.
  • If your vehicle has spotlights turn them on, they further eliminate the road when it’s foggy and making more visible to other cars.
  • Always use your windshield wipers and if rosters and pop to help you seen reduce glare from oncoming vehicles.
  • Roll down your window so you can hear it’s happening around you when your visibility is reduced.
  • If you hear any suspicious noises like squealing or crunching safely break and pulled to the side of the road.
  • When visibility is reduced, use the white line on the right hand side of the road to guide you this is safer than using the center line which will bring you closer to oncoming traffic.
  • If visibility is reduced the point we’re continuing to drive would be unsafe you might be tempted to stop on the road but don’t this could cause an accident; instead pull over to a safe area completely off the road then turn on your emergency flashers or hazard lights so other drivers know you’re parked and don’t try to follow you.
  • Avoid using your hazard lights when moving however because this is illegal in many states.
“Please remember while driving in dense fog slow down use your low beams and fog lights turn on your windshield wipers and if rosters roll down your windows and follow the right side paper in line and if it’s too difficult to see pull over and turn on your emergency flashers”.

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