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Donald Trump had lunch with Fox chief Roger Ailes on June 24, eight days after his bumbling announcement that he was running for the Republican nomination (the one where he had to pay people to show up and where he stole Neil Young’s music). Trump appeared on FOX at least ten times between June 10 and July 8, 2015.

One thing has long been clear – Trump has a very cozy relationship with FOX.  For example, in June of this year. Trump took the lead as the Republican presidential hopeful with the most time on Fox with a total of 1 hour and 48 minutes spread over 10 appearances. Recall that soon after declaring his candidacy, Trump faced heavy backlash over offensive remarks he made about Mexican immigrants during his presidential announcement, but was repeatedly defended by Fox News personalities and given a platform to defend himself on thenetwork. FOX, in essence threw Trump’s shaky campaign a life preserver.

FOX  employs, as a commentator, one Karl Rove. Mr. Rove used to be a political consultant in Texas and helped get a couple a fellows named Bush elected. George W. Bush called Rove the “architect” of his 2004 victory.  Donald Trump’s assessment of Mr. Rove’s political skills? He called rove a “total loser” with “zero credibility.”  Trump went on to accuse Rove of being a “Bush plant who called all the races wrong” (except, I presume, the many elections which Rove has won at the state and federal levels).

It seems to me that Trump is biting the hand that feeds him.  Arguably, without the massive, positive exposure he received on FOX, Trump would not be in the favorable position he finds himself.  Why, then, attack a FOX analyst – even one as loathsome as Karl Rove?  Every day it’s something new. Is Trump paranoid?  Why attack a leading personality of a network which has been so beneficial to Trump?  Is he losing it so early in the game?

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