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In the aftermath of yesterday’s horrific killings in Virginia,  some of the candidates for President weighed in with their thoughts.
GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio, speaking at an event in Londonderry, New Hampshire, said, “It’s not the guns,  it’s the people who are committing these crimes.”  No, Senator, it’s the guns.
A look back in the past month alone shows us that:
-In Hoover, Alabama, 31-year-old Divine Chambliss was taking a nap on August 18 when his 2-year-old son found a hidden gun and pulled the trigger.  The little boy told his mother, “I hurt my dad.”  He was wrong. In fact, he had killed his father.
-In Washington, DC, 3-year-old Dalis Cox was shot to death by her 7-year-old brother on July 29, with an unregistered handgun that the boy had somehow gotten his hands on.
-A 21-month-old boy in Hanley Hills, Missouri, was pronounced dead this Tuesday after he shot himself in the stomach with a handgun that he found in his home.
-An 11-year-old Detroit boy was charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a 3-year old on August 3.  His father has also been charged.
-A Miami 3-year-old who, on August 5, grabbed a gun while rummaging around in a dresser drawer and shot himself in the head is expected to make a full recovery. I suppose that today that qualifies as good news. His mother explained that she and the child’s father both kept firearms in their apartment for personal protection, and that the weapons were secured by being kept in dresser drawers where the child couldn’t possibly reach them- unless he used a chair. And he did just that.
No, it’s a gun problem.  The incidents above all occurred in the last month.  They didn’t involve psychopaths They involved guns.  And children.
It’s a gun problem.
– Karim

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