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How Documantation Helps Your Case
Documenting your injuries will, in the long run, increase the value of your case. Tracking your medical and any other expenses, along with your wage records can help you prove exactly how the accident affected both your financial and emotional status.Why You Should Document Your Personal Injury in a Journal
You may have never kept a journal before, but doing so be extremely valuable to helping maximize the recovery in your personal injury case.  Memories doesn’t always serve well and you can forget important facts that may be very relevant to your condition and your case. The frank truth is that some personal injury cases can drag on for years.  At your deposition, for example, you will be asked to recall things from the time of the accident (and even before, sometimes). Recording your symptoms and pain levels while they’re happening will ensure that all information is recorded in real time and accurate.  You can then use your documentation to prepare for testimony. This valuable information can help your personal injury attorney build a stronger case for your settlement.  For example, you are in a much better position to receive a favorable settlement offer if you perform well at deposition by demonstrating an ability to remember and describe events and your injuries in detail.  By contrast, you will receive a less favorable of-if you receive one at all -if, at your deposition, you continually can’t remember things.  Also, as time goes on and your trial approaches, hopefully you will be feeling better or getting some relief from pain.  It is critical that you convey how you felt in those darker days immediately after the accident..  If you have a journal, you will have those feelings documented.

Document Your Condition Every Day
Personal injury cases do not go to trial right away. By the time your trial date rolls around, it’s likely you will have forgotten exactly what you were feeling many months before. The journal entries will help you recall how the damages you sustained impacted daily life.  Even if you write a sentence or two, get in the habit of writing something about your treatment or how you are feeling.  Also, using a journal is a good outlet because you should absolutely stay off Facebook and Twitter after your accident and until the case is settled or goes to trial.  If you’re used to sharing many of your thoughts and feelings on social media, your journal may not be a prefect substitute but it will help.

Document the Right Information
Recording your pain levels, what kind of medicine you took, medical appointments, physical limitations and your ability (or inability) to perform daily activities are all significant details.  This includes everything from hobbies to work to intimate details.   It goes without saying that you should be honest. If you have a positive day where you are able to move and do more daily activities than usual, by all means, say so.   Also, be as detailed as possible; simply writing that you were in pain is not enough.  Describe the location of the pain.  In addition to the location, describe the intensity and the sensation (throbbing, searing, stabbing etc.). The more detailed you are with your symptoms, the better your chances of getting fair compensation. If a headache or back pain prevented you from getting out of bed or going to work, state this. Record what kind of medicine you took, medical appointments you attended, and anything else relating to your condition. Non-economic (out-of-pocket) losses can be quantified in a court of law, but can be difficult to prove without documentation.

Keep Track of Medical Visits & Expenses
Even if you think that your injuries are not that serious, it is always best to get checked out by a medical professional. This way you will have medical proof to back up your statements in court. Write down the dates of your appointments, which doctors/providers you saw and what was discussed. It’s also important you keep record of any medical expenses you incur because you can be compensated for these costs through your settlement. That includes everything – over-the-counter pain relievers, prescriptions, medical equipment— anything you spend.


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