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Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz has voiced her concern  about a letter from the Middlesex County prosecutor in which he accused city school officials of failing to report crimes to the police department, putting kids in harm’s way, reports today.

“The safety of our children should never be compromised,” Diaz said. “It is a cause for concern when policy is not followed and children are put at risk. The City of Perth Amboy’s police department has the best interest of the community to ensure the well-being of our families.”

The letter from Prosecutor Andrew Carey accused school officials of failing to report or cooperate with police in investigating several instances of criminal activity, including possession of firearms (BB guns), an assault with a knife, a sexting incident, and a serious verbal assault with a student in which a student was restrained by security personnel to the city’s police department.

Carey told the school officials that at minimum the failure to notify and cooperate with the police is a violation of the Uniform State Memorandum of Agreement Between Education and Law Enforcement Officials, but at worst, “not taking appropriate action places students and staff in harm’s way, and subjects school authorities to both criminal and civil liability.”

Jessika Kleen, lawyer for the Perth Amboy Board of Education, said she is preparing a response to the prosecutor’s letter and could not comment “at this time.”

 “All I can say is that Perth Amboy follows the law and the memorandum of agreement with law enforcement,” Kleen said.

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