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Investigators were able to determine that the debris that washed ashore on the French island of La Reunion was from a Boeing 777, the same model as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370), which mysteriously vanished more than a year ago with 239 people on board.  And right now, all the signs are pointing to a positive identification. Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, a CBS News’ aviation and safety expert, noted  on Thursday said there is one missing Boeing 777 plane in the world right now — MH370. (Sullenberger, you may recall, successfully landed his plane in the Hudson River shortly after a take-off from LaGuardia Airport after experiencing engine failure.)

“It needs to be confirmed by the investigators, but it’s a possible good first step in solving what has been one of the biggest aviation mysteries in history,” he said.

What does this one pretty small piece of debris mean? Well, there is still a lot more work and investigating to be done and the eruption of a volcano on Reunion island hasn’t helped matters.

Joseph Wheeler, special counsel at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers in the Australian city of Melbourne, also said he had started fresh talks with more families in Malaysia since Wednesday’s discovery.

“It’s triggering renewed monitoring and recommendations to families,” Wheeler told Reuters.

“If there is evidence that the aircraft has failed, that very well may trigger a wave of lawsuits from around the world, predominantly Malaysia and China,” he said.

Zhang Qihuai, a lawyer representing the family members in China, told Reuters more than 30 family members had discussed filing lawsuits in China, Malaysia or the United States.

It will be a tough road for the families and their lawyers.  Good luck to them.


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