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Here’s the lineup, all batting very right and playing right field:

Donald Trump
Former Texas Governor Jeb Bush,
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker,
Texas Senator Ted Cruz,
Kentucky Senator Rand Paul,
Florida Senator Marco Rubio,
Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson,
Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee,
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
Ohio Governor John Kasich.

On the bench:
-Former Hewlitt/Packard CEO Carly Fiorina,
-Former Texas Governor Rick Perry,
-Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal,
-South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham,
-Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum,
-Former New York Governor George Pataki; and
-Some person named Jim Gilmore.

The Associated Press reports that “Republican officials were particularly concerned about Fiorina’s status, hoping she would help balance Hillary Rodham Clinton’s push to rally women to her candidacy.”  The GOP rank and file was having none of her though, flocking instead to reality show star and all-purpose buffoon Donald Trump whose recent surge in the polls was particularly damaging to Fiorina.

I think having 10 candidates will discourage the kind of lively interaction everyone would like to see.  It’s just too unwieldy and I am skeptical of the competence or fairness of the FOX moderators. In the end, you will probably get ten people arguing over who can be the next Ronald Reagan and promising to “run America like a business.”  I’ve bought my popcorn, though, and hope I’m entertained but, on a serious note, I also hope the debate helps to winnow out the field.  But then what happens to those who were on the bench for this one? Do they get to “play” in the next debate if some people fare poorly in tomorrow’s and are forced out? Does this actually reward a poor early showing in the polls by someone like Jindal? Might we hear from Carly Fiorina yet?

Play ball.


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