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Middlesex County Prosecutor Andrew Carey sent a letter to Perth Amboy school officials admonishing them for failing to report criminal activity by students to local police.  According to, Carey said that Perth Amboy schoolsdid not report crimes to cops thereby putting kids in danger.

The failure to report the crimes, including possession of firearms (BB guns), an assault with a knife, and a sexting incident, could open up school officials to criminal and civil liability and put students and staff in danger, Carey said in the letter.

The letter states, “there have been multiple instances of serious criminal activity within the Perth Amboy school district which have not been properly reported to the police by school officials.”

Carey confirmed Tuesday that he sent the letter to the officials, including David Roman, superintendent of Perth Amboy schools and several school principals, after receiving complaints from community members and meeting with Deputy Police Chief Larry Catano and other members of the Perth Amboy Police Department.

The letter said school officials did not properly cooperate with the police if the incident was reported.

Carey said in the letter at minimum the fails to notify and cooperate with police violates the Uniform State Memorandum of Agreement Between Education and Law Enforcement Officials.

“At worst, not taking appropriate action places students and staff in harm’s way, and subjects school authorities to both criminal and civil liability,” the prosecutor said in the letter.

“I am sure you agree that the safety and security of your students and staff is of paramount importance,” Carey ended the letter, noting he was attaching a copy of the updated memorandum of agreement that was soon to be executed and the signature page from the previous year’s memorandum that included the signature of Perth Amboy school officials.

Superintendent Roman did not return’s phone calls for comment.

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