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And it’s not good.  New Jersey is the only state whose state university doesn’t actually include the state’s name in the name of the school.  We call ours “Rutgers”. Last season, Rutgers played in the Big Ten conference for the first time and while the move to the B1G is going to be a transition, I came across this today showing that Rutgers is #1 in something.
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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—Rutgers University is the highest generator of graduate student debt, according to a report by the public policy thinktank, the Center forAmerican Progress (CAP). 
The study found 20 school across the United States that held one-fifth, or $6.5 billion of graduate student debt from federal loans during the 2013-2014 year.
Rutgers is responsible $192 million of debt. 
Coming in at 19th place, it was the only public university on the list. 
The report suggests that Rutgers made the list due to the large number of graduate students, almost 20,000, as well as the relatively high tuition compared to other state university graduate programs.
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Many of my colleagues are RU Law grads as are many of the judges I appear before. The school says that the large amount of debt number is largely a result of two medical schools, two law schools, two business schools, and many other graduate programs. The Rutgers Board of Governors last week approved a 2.4% tuition hike for the three campuses.  All told,  the amount of graduate student debt at Rutgers has more than tripled since 2010, when it stood at over $77 million.  My take-away is simple: the cost of public education is an outrage.
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