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In this past year, I’ve posted a bit about the dangers of so-called distracted driving. (See here, here, here, here and here). The term“distracted driving” is an umbrella under which many activities fall–driving while texting, eating, grooming or performing other activities and talking on a cell phone, for example. I’ve also posted the results of studies which show that “distracted driving” is far more dangerous than drunk driving.

There is one point, though that I still need to make and one audience, among several, which still must be reached.  I got to thinking about how, back in the day, sometimes you could get a few lawyers together, maybe for a bar association dinner or social function, and some people would get pretty polluted.  Then they would drive home.  Much the same thing is going on today. In some cases, the very same lawyers who are posting about the dangers of “distracted driving” are also engaging in that behavior.  Many lawyers feel the pressures to use every single minute productively so while they post blogs about the dangers of “distracted driving,” they actually do it themselves.

My point, then, is twofold: First, if you are a member of the public who has read or heard about the dangers of distracted driving but know a personal injury lawyer who does it, that doesn’t make it OK.  Just don’t do it. Second, if you are a member of the bar reading this, please face the unavoidable truth that if you engage in “distracted driving” activity, not only are you setting a bad example but you put your firm at risk of liability, and you put your life—and the lives of others—on the line every day.

A quick glance at the phone to see who emailed, or shooting off a text as the light turns green— yes, it could be the difference between life and death.




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