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According to Dan Robinson from Icy Road Safety, “When freezing rain is in progress, it has a death and injury rate far surpassing any other type of weather more than tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and thunderstorms. Freezing rain, freezing drizzle and freezing fog all produce the same type of dangerous icing on road surfaces. But it doesn’t take an ice storm to create a disaster. The smaller precipitation amounts during light freezing rain are still capable of significant impacts”.

Freezing rain’s danger comes from two lethal characteristics:

  • Stealth: In many cases, it isn’t possible to visually distinguish between a wet road from a freezing rain glazed road. They look deceptively similar.
  • Slickness: Icing from freezing rain produces the most slick road surface (the lowest coefficient of friction) of any type of winter precipitation.

When it comes to driving in freezing rain, there’s only one sensible course of action: Don’t do it! There’s no safe speed on this type of ice. You can slide off of the road even when moving at a crawl. Furthermore, its stealth means that you aren’t always going to be able to see it in time to slow down.

During freezing rain icing, it’s not uncommon for completely stopped vehicles to slide sideways off of a sloped road and into a ditch. There have even been cases of parked unoccupied vehicles sliding down hills!

Vehicle safety features like anti-lock brakes, stability control and winter tires are much less effective – and in some cases, completely useless – on this type of ice due to the low amounts of friction.

The bottom line is, your chances of property damage, injury and death are higher when driving during freezing rain than in any other type of extreme weather or road condition. Simply put: postponing your travel during freezing rain is the best course of action. It’s just not worth the risk!

Don’t let freezing rain catch you by surprise. These are a telltale indicator of freezing rain. :

  • Be aware of the warning indicators that freezing rain is in progress.
  • Pay attention to any weather forecast mentioning a wintry mix, freezing rain, freezing fog or freezing drizzle.
  • Watch for any rain drizzle or mist falling during temperatures that are near or below freezing.
  • Watch for ice forming on your windshield wipers, antennas, windows or side mirrors.

As a rule, if ice is sticking to anything you see, it could also be forming on roads and bridges.

If you’re in the middle of a journey and encounter freezing rain:

  • First of all, reduce your speed.
  • Get off of high-speed roads such as interstates and two-lane highways: It’s not safe to travel at slower speeds among fast-moving traffic, especially when icing is
  • a threat and others may not be aware of the hazard.
  • Avoid all hills and sloped surfaces.
  • If at all possible, use low-speed surface streets to reach your destination.

Be aware of these locations that can ice first during freezing rain:

  • Bridges and overpasses
  • Elevated structures like parking garages and ramps
  • Highway off-ramps
  • Lower traffic surfaces such as rural roads and parking lots
  • Brick or cobblestone streets are notorious for icing quickly during freezing rain.
  • Finally, expect any untreated road surface during freezing rain to be ice.

If all else fails and you do have an accident, be aware of additional out-of-control vehicles. You’re not going to be the only one to hit that patch of ice. Many injuries and deaths occur from secondary or follow-up collisions, especially when people exit their vehicles and stand in the middle of the road.

If your vehicle is still drivable:

  • Move it away from the scene and far off of the road.
  • The simple presence of your vehicle on or near the road could trigger more accidents.
  • Don’t exit your vehicle unless you can quickly get off of the roadway.
  • Make sure that there is no traffic approaching.
  • Get behind a guardrail, jersey barrier or up on an embankment – anything that will get you out of the way of additional out-of-control vehicles.

It’s not just dangerous to drive during freezing rain – it can be just as hazardous to walk in it.  Injuries from slips and falls are common during freezing rain. When you get out of your vehicle onto an icy surface, move slowly and keep a firm grip with both hands on something sturdy in case your feet slip. Hold firmly onto railings with both hands when walking on sloped surfaces or stairs. Whenever possible, walk on grass instead of sidewalks.

Freezing rain is one of the most dangerous types of weather you will encounter. If you stay aware of the weather conditions, know the warning signs of icing and most of all, avoid travel when freezing rain is in progress, you’ll stay safe from this deadly hazard.

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